Objectives and Pros

Objectives and Pros

The center was established in the IMOM Compound of the Academy to help Arab countries and urge to conduct detailed and systematic investigations of maritime accidents in order to identify direct and root causes leading to accidents in order to extract lessons learned and recommendations to prevent recurrence, including improving maritime safety and protecting the environment from pollution. 

The center can also contribute to writing technical reports on accidents and assist in reporting them through IMO GISIS, and to overcome the following cons:

1. The scarcity of resources to conduct investigations,

2. The level of technical expertise of the local investigators and external expertise,

3. How easy it is to exchange information in accordance with local legislation,

4. Geographical and political barriers, and the ability to coordinate between countries to conduct inspection and analysis in maritime accidents,

5. Availability of additional technical assistance, including databases,

6. The extent of understanding the requirements and importance of reporting.