Projects and Development

Maritime Administration Model Project (Audit Scheme)

The adoption of the framework and procedures for the scheme marks a new era for the IMO, in which the Organization has at its disposal a tool to achieve harmonized and consistent global implementation of IMO standards, which in turn is key to realizing the IMO objectives of safe, secure, and efficient shipping on clean oceans.

To ensure that the Member States'' audit commences in 2006, an adequate pool of trained auditors was established by mid-2006, based on nominations by Member States of qualified auditors for training under the provisions of the scheme. The technical co-operation global programme for the scheme had a key role to play in supporting the training programme.

The IMO Compound may assist in undergoing the Audit and will help to identify where capacity-building activities would have the greatest effect and will also enable appropriate action to be much more precisely taken. Individual Member States subject to an audit, will receive valuable feedback. On a wider scale, generic lessons learnt from audits can be provided to all Member States so that the benefits are shared. The regulatory process at IMO may also benefit from the results of this learning experience.

Alongside the audit scheme framework and procedures, the IMO has adopted a new chapter 13 in SOLAS convention for the Implementation of Mandatory IMO Instruments, which provides the audit requirement.  The audit scheme is mandatory on all IMO Member States on January 2016. IMO Compound cooperates with the Arab States and other Middle East countries in training their nominees on the audit scheme requirements to prepare their countries for the IMO audit.

IMO White List

The IMO Compound experts assist Arab States in preparing their files to be submitted to the IMO so they can be fully included in the IMO white list.

STCW Independent Evaluation

The IMO Compound experts help Arab States to prepare their Independent Evaluation Files that is to be approved by the IMO Maritime Safety Committee every 5 years