IMO Regional Partnership

IMO Regional Partnership

It was decided by the Arab Transport Ministers’ Committee in 2005 that the AASTMT represents the League of Arab States in the International Maritime Organization meetings. 

Thus, the Academy has appointed an accredited representative to attend the different IMO meetings and to act as a spokesman who represents a unified view of the Arab States and stands up for their interests.



Increasing the training opportunities for Candidates from developing countries, which include:

  • Organizing regional courses, regional workshops, seminars, and meetings on issues related to maritime affairs.
  • Updating the data and knowledge of States delegates, Authorities members and shipping Companies personnel.
  • Promoting skills of maritime transport sector individuals under many education and training opportunities e.g. WMU MSc. Programs.
  • Promoting and enhancing women’s role in the maritime sector.
  • Offering scholarships for students.



Thus, the Government of Egypt, the IMO, and the Arab Academy have reached an agreement and signed the first Memorandum of Understanding in Egypt on 30th October 2001 to ensure the promotion of the multiple facets of technical cooperation among developing countries.

1.MoU Achievements

The collaboration between the IMO and the Arab Academy – as witnessed in the context of the great success of the Memorandum of Understanding – has resulted in holding many successful conferences as well as local and regional workshops from 2001 to until date, where 223 representatives of the Arab, Asian, and African countries participated. 


An MoU office has been established at the Arab Academy to serve the developing countries in the Arab and African world. The office is a focal point responsible for handling any inquiries or receiving any suggestions that contribute to the technical cooperation and provide the required aids as indicated in the MoU. Accordingly, the MoU office at the Academy serves as a focal point that reflects the role the IMO plays in the region, through the services rendered by the Academy.

3. Scholarships for African students

The Government of EGYPT, represented by the AASTMT, granted scholarships to students from Africa to be enrolled in the Academy''s four-year-programme, by which they receive a Bachelor''s Degree in Maritime Navigation, Engineering, and Logistics.

Such scholarships consolidate the Academy''s dynamic role in promoting and developing seafarers, by which their scarcity worldwide is made up for.

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Dr. Captain / Mohamed Essallamy, 

Head of the Arab Maritime Accident Investigation Center 

Vice-Dean for cooperation and technical support, IMO Compound - AASTMT 

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