9- B sc of Computer Engineering

B. Sc. Computer Engineering

Students studying Engineering Program enjoy a variety of facilities and well-equipped laboratories for networking, digital systems, microprocessors, programming and Micro-controller-based systems. Demonstrate the ability to design, develop, implement, and improve integrated systems, provide strong linkages between local economic sectors and industrial investment communities.

Specifications of a Computer Engineer

A computer engineer must have the ability to design computers, computer-based systems that include hardware and software. Having concepts, theories of mathematics & sciences to computer fields, basics of information & communication technology (ICT).

Future of this field

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for future computer engineers looks stable. Based on their data, Computer Engineering jobs increase every year. it's a good choice and the future demand is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and will rise even more rapidly to outperform other professions through a significant presence in the labor markets.

Points of Strengths in Program

1-Computing platforms and networking systems
2-Secure and reliable computing and networking
3-Software engineering systems
4-Very large-scale integration (VLSI) design
5-Embedded system design

Job Opportunities:

*Improve internet and Cyber security to protect information and stop hackers

*Design faster processors to realize high-definition graphics

*Develop biomedical equipment and systems to monitor patients

*Implement wireless sensor networks to make smarter robots

*Help create smart power grids to efficiently manage energy distribution

*Develop cutting-edge mobile and web applications

*Design computer techniques to sequence genes to better understand living organisms


*Robotics: Create systems and software to automate our world. Give unmanned aerial vehicles and autonomous
*Auto self-drive cars researches

*Develop and improve the performance capabilities of smartphones, tablets and more

*Develop new generation of computers
*Quantum Computing
*Cloud and Edge Computing