College Message

Since its creation in 2019, the newly introduced College of Engineering & Technology at the Alamein Smart Campus is committed to educate the next generation of engineering leaders and to serve society through its newly erected smart campus and state of the art facilities through special educational courses programs to students and the local/regional labor markets.

The College of Engineering and Technology (Alamein) made an agreement with the University of Central Lancashire UCLan, in Preston-UK, to establish a Dual Degree through mutual courses programs, which will be increased in the near future to help students to earn two credentials in distinct fields.
The College of Engineering and Technology, at AASTMT - Alamein Branch, was created to increase the UptoDate in learning, practicing and training in many fields of engineering. Since the first day, the colleg gave all its attention to present a Dual Degree programs with remarkable and finest Universities in the world. The University of Central Lancashire UCLan in UK collaborates with CoET to award students by a Bachelor of Engineering degree through two certificates; the first from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology AASTMT and the second from the College of Engineering, UCLan University, England - UK, Both options can help bachelors to access a wider array of career opportunities with excellence basics.  CoET presents 10 programs of Engineering:

Architectural and Environmental Design
Mechanical / Mechatronics Engineering
Energy Engineering
Construction and Building Engineering
Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering
Industrial and Management Engineering
Electronics and Communications Engineering
Computer Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Biomedical Engineering

The Colleage of Engineering and Technology at Alamein Branch serves many facilities which we resume in brief:

*Student Dorms *Medical Care
*CDC (Career Development Center) *Transportation
*State of the art modern laboratories in all specializations. *Banks and Online payment
*Library and e-Library *Restaurants and cafeterias
*Sports fields and gyms *Students clubs and activities / excursion
*Professional Institutes Branches as: IEEE / ASME / ASHREA, etc.    





























The primary goal of the college is to achieve excellence in all educational services provided, through the effective implementation of the concept of continuous improvement, as well as success in obtaining and renewing all local and international educational services.