4 B. Sc. Construction and Building Engineering

4- B. Sc. Construction and Building Engineering

- Environmental

- Geomatics

- Geotechnical

- Management

- Structures

- Transportation

- Water Resources



The Construction and Building Engineering programs at Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport are one of the most creative and pioneer programs in the region. Our undergraduate program provides the necessary technical skills in mathematics, basic sciences, engineering sciences and social sciences consistent with accreditation standards and national needs. You will learn:

This Program helps developing an understanding of the latest construction technologies, management systems and design principles. A professional practice module ensures you’re fully equipped to be a team player in the world of work.

Specifications of a Construction Engineer

Civil engineers conceive, design, build,

supervise, construct, operate and maintain infrastructure projects, systems in the private and public sector, including buildings, roads, airports, dams, tunnels, bridges, and systems for water supply and sewage treatment. 


Points of Strengths in Program

Civil engineers are typically very skilled at problem-solving.

Throughout the studies, they learn to solve complex technical problems and come up with creative solutions. These solutions have to be safe, efficient, and cost-effective. Therefore, civil engineers need to have strong critical thinking skills. Construction and civil engineers having quantity surveying degrees, are sometimes surprised that technical knowledge won’t, by itself, get them a graduate job in the construction industry. Recruiters are just as, if not more, interested in discovering that you have the technical

skills and qualities to contribute to the successful requirement.

Future of this field

The growth of building new cities from fourth and fifth generations in Egypt and Golf areas requires a plenty of civil engineers to feed up the construction labor markets. The most common job for civil engineering graduates is construction/building engineer. However, Civil engineers can also pursue jobs such as building control surveyor or manage the construction and development of environmental systems. Some can become construction or architecture consultants. 


Job Opportunities:
Employers seek graduates who are commercially capable of working well within a team environment. Other key skills include: 

Sound mathematical, scientific and IT skills. 

The ability to think methodically and to manage projects. 

Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

Negotiating, supervisory and leadership skills. 

Complete knowledge of relevant legislation. 

Problem-solving skills. 

Ability to work to deadlines and within budgets. 

Ability to maintain entire projects while continuing to attend
detailed technicalities.