5 B. Sc. Chemical & Petrochemical Engineering

5- B. Sc. Chemical & Petrochemical Engineering

Chemical and Petrochemical engineering is concerned with processes in which matter and energy undergo change.
The range of concerns is so broad that the chemical and Petrochemical engineering graduate is prepared for a variety of interesting and challenging employment opportunities. The chemical engineer with a strong background in sciences is found in management, design, operations, and research. The chemical engineer is employed in almost all industries, including food, polymers, chemicals, petrochemicals, natural gas, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, medicine, materials, and electronics. Since solutions to energy, environmental, and food problems must surely involve chemical changes, there will be continued demands for chemical engineers in the future.   You will learn:

- Biochemical & Environmental Engineering

- Chemical & Petrochemical Industries 

   - Gas Processing

Specifications of a Chemical & Petrochemical Engineer
A Chemical engineer is responsible for design and operation of chemical plants in industry.
A Petrochemical engineer is responsible of chemical analysis and laboratory activities related to chemical reactions.

Points of Strengths in Program

UpToDate Laboratory facilities.
Collaboration with industry in terms of students training and career development.

Program of study is designed according to international standards universally.

Regular visits to industries sites with various products and conferences with experts in each field.
Drilling and extraction of Oil / Gas raw materials and arranging the necessary techniques, procedures for onshore and offshore sites.

Future of this field
Chemical engineers have a wide spectrum of opportunities of various industries and petroleum industries.

The expansions taking place in Petroleum &Petrochemical projects in Egypt (Alexandria, Alamein, Red Sea areas) and in neighboring Arab countries beside Middle East countries, offers a prospectus future for these both fields for engineers.

Job Opportunities

Oil and Gas industry.               
Oil refinery and related products industry.          
Natural Gas transformation and liquefaction industry.   
Fertilizers industry.   
Plastics and polymers industry.   
Surfactants industry.

Water and wastewater treatment, environment &pollution management.   
Power industry.
Calibers for pharmaceutical and food/beverages industries.   
Power plants.  
Metal (Iron & Steel).  
Inks and Dyes industry.   
Textiles industry.   
Tires industry.