7 B. Sc. Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design


7- B. Sc. Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design (not yet in Dual degree program)


These programs will help you developping your skills to become an environmental architect and a specialist to create buildings that combine sustainability with comfortable living.

Our program brings together architectural design and engineering so you can create spaces that are practical and sustainable as well as beautiful. You'll learn :

- Building Technology
- Environment
- Integrated Design
- Interior
- Urban Planning


We'll help you developping your design and technical skills to increase your expertise and knowledge of building design solutions. The new concepts and technologies you’ll explore will help you graduate with the skills to develop sustainable building strategies.

And finally, our mission is to efficiently integrate all of our facilities, and resources to prepare young generations for the requirements of the knowledge, based societies and to proactively provide competitive, intellectual, and market-driven academic programs, research, and community services and pledges strong collaboration between our faculty, staff members, students, researchers, alumni, and industrial and business leaders. Further to maintain and develop long term and lasting partnerships with Arab institutions, and internationally acknowledged bodies.