3 B. Sc. Electrical and Energy Engineering

3- B. Sc. Electrical and Energy Engineering


This is the generation of electricity, through its transmission and distribution, the bachelor engineers will be primary concerned to increase the developing and rapidly industrializing the grown economies of their countries.

It is estimated that some 80% of generated power is used to drive motors, machines, electrical drives and power electronics (which are the major fields of electrical power engineering).

In this course, you will learn:


- Control Systems

- Energy

- Power Systems


Automatic control engineering (which is a major field within Electric Engineering Department) is responsible for the modern way of life as it has indeed revolutionized all aspects of both civil and military life. Its industrial applications have speeded up the production and improved the quality of a very large number of manufactured goods. In addition, the wide use of automatic control systems has added to the reliability, stability and cost-effectiveness of generation, transmission and distribution sectors within the power systems.