Meteorology & Hydrographic Survey


Meteorology, the science of atmospheric phenomena, has been an active area of science for hundreds of years. Furthermore, renewed considerable interest in meteorology has revived recently primarily because of the growing awareness of the risk of significant changes in the Earth’s weather and climate

All Courses

Ser Code Name Duration View
1 MPELT110 Entry-Level Technician 48 weeks
2 MPMLT111 Mid-Level Technician 48 weeks
3 MPSLT112 Senior-Level Technician 48 weeks
4 MPSMT201 Meteorological Specialist in Satellite Meteorology 4 weeks
5 MPMM202 Course  for Meteorological Specialist in Marine Meteorology  4 weeks
6 MPAqM203 Meteorological Specialist in Agriculture Meteorology 4 weeks
7 MPCLM204 Meteorological Specialist in Climate 4 weeks
8 MPEM205 Meteorological Specialist in Environment 48 weeks
9 MPAP301 Air Pollution, Sources, Standards, and Control 2 weeks
10 MPAP302 Long course on Air Pollution, Sources, Standards, Monitoring, and Control 8 weeks