Maritime Education & Training  Alexandria

Marine Simulators

Full Mission Ship Handling Simulator

It provided full mission real-time computer-based simulation facility capable of supporting advanced training in navigation, seamanship, maneuvering and the operation of vessels under normal and potentially hazardous conditions.

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Integrated Bridge System (IBS)

Integrated Bridge System (IBS) is comply with IMO resolution MSC.64(67), annex 1, of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and other relevant IMO performance standards, in order to meet the functional requirements contained in applicable IMO instruments, not precluding multiple usage of equipment and modules or the need for duplication.

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TUG Boat Simulator

The system provides a better insight into capabilities and limitations of powerful and high maneuverable Tugs. It’s improve the practical knowledge of handling modern steering devices , various types of propulsions and towing operations best practice .The system provides training on : V oith S chneider ( VS ) Tractor Tug , C onventional Tug , A zimuth S tern D rive Tug ( ASD ), P usher Tug and R iver T owing Tug.

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Small Fast Ship Simulator

The system develops skills to handle and utilizing the best practice in different types of boats at various circumstances and different harbor operations. It’s also provides small fast ships up to 60 knots speed for training authorities such Coast Guard Patrolling, Search and Rescue and Recreational Fast Boats.

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Vessel Traffic Service Simulator (VTS)

Provides training for operators and supervisors working in vessel traffic service stations and support pillar for the training and it quickly become evident that one of the most important aspects of any new program is the careful scheduling of knowledge elements in conjunction with simulation exercises specifically designed to apply these elements. Traffic model with which realistic sailing behavior and typical maneuvering character is tics of vessel can be created, with the final objective of facilitating the simulation of realistic traffic situation.

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ECDIS Labs Simulator

The Marine Simulators Systems installed the newest ECDIS LAB simulator (Kelvin Hughes Manta Digital ECDIS System) in the world for marine electronic chart systems with cooperation with Kelvin Hughe limited, consisting of 10 stations to Provides training for masters ,officers and basic studies students accordance with the requirements STCW 95 and its amendments which planned to enter into force in 2012, this is includes:

  • A worldwide library of Electronic Navigation Charts (ENCs) and ARCS worldwide
  • Chart update system to update/correct paper & Electronic Navigation Charts and ARCS (ChartCo Service)
  • An ECDIS station installed in the Fast Boat Simulator to comply and upgrade the system integration data and is connected to the 10 ECDIS stations in the ECDIS lab. To apply real time simulation for training purposes
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Mini Bridge Simulator

Navigator competency items related to navigation bridge operations are practiced and assessed using the Navi-Trainer Professional 5000 simulator:

  • Plan and conduct a passage and determine position
  • Maintain a safe navigational watch
  • Respond to a distress signal at sea
  • Manoeuvre the ship
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