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Maritime Affairs

Maritime Affairs

The Academy’s Maritime Affairs The Higher Council for Maritime Affairs was established in 2013 within the organizational structure of the Academy. It is headed by H.E. Professor Dr. Ismael Abdel Ghafar, the Academy’s President. The Maritime Affairs comprise the following entities of the Maritime Sector:

  • College of Maritime Transport and Technology
  • Maritime Upgrade Studies Institute
  • Maritime Safety Institute
  • Sea Training Institute
  • Regional Maritime Security Institute
  • Integrated Simulators Complex
  • Maritime Postgraduate Studies Institute
  • International Maritime Organization Compound
  • Quality Maritime Education and Training Deanery
  • Maritime Research and Consultation Center

The Maritime Affairs are primarily concerned with setting the strategies and mechanics necessary for the implementation, supervision and follow-up of the general policies concerned with Maritime Affairs at the internal, local and international level

Maritime Affairs also aim at achieving integration of the activities of the College of Maritime Transport and Technology and the Institutes specialized in Maritime Affairs, in addition to preparing the infrastructure necessary for supporting Maritime Education and Training Sector