Maritime Education & Training  Alexandria

Offshore Simulators

Full Mission Offshore Vessel Simulator "Class A"

The Full mission offshore vessel simulator Class A, which also approved as a Class A Dynamic Positioning simulator from London Nautical Institute , ,The Simulator also have Very Advanced Anchor Handling operation Capability Training in Deepwater Which approved by DNV Class and Maersk Training company , With 360 Degree of visualisation this full mission simulator enable realistic sea offshore training and DP operations to local mariners.

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Full Mission Offshore Crane Simulator "Class A"

The new Full mission Offshore Crane simulator (Class A ) installed in the ISC Complex Capable of Simulate wide range of offshore cranes types on board rigs,offshore vessels,barges etc Also it''s cover subsea crane operations and Type Specific Crane operations which the client may require. The New offshore Crane Sim is the first of its kind for crane operators to obtain offshore approved and recognised crane training by the offshore industry worldwide and in the Arab world , Maersk Training Approved the new Sim for Maersk Crane Training Program.

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Dynamic Positioning Labs

We have a number of Different Dynamic Positioning Labs Fully approved by The London Nautical Institute.

Also The labs is approved By General Electric company as a Major Engineering company to provide the Dynamic Positioning Maintenance Generic courses for the offshore engineers.

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