Petrochemicals and Tanker


The Simulator introduces new training methods to supplement the traditional methods on board training. The liquid Cargo operations simulator provides real time simulation of the process Flow Control Systems used in storage and transfer of potentially hazardous bulk liquid from shore to ship and ship to shore. The Simulator allows a range of courses to be offered which are presently applicable to both ship and shore involved in handling of LNG, LPG, Crude oil, oil Products and Chemical Cargoes.

All Courses

Ser Code Name Duration View
1 NGPSS 787 Basic Training for Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operation 5 Days
2 NGPSS 789 Advanced Training for Liquefied Gas Tanker Cargo Operation 5 Days
3 NGPSS 788 Advanced Training for Chemical Tanker Cargo Operation 5 Days
4 NGPSS 787 Advanced Training for Oil Tanker Cargo Operation 7 Days
5 NGPSS 962 Inspection On Board Oil And GasTanker As Per OCIMF Requirements 5 Days
6 NGPSS 963 Liquefied Cargo Handling At Single Buoy Mooring - SBM 5 Days
7 NGPSS 820 Petroleum and Gas Terminal Operator’s 5 Days
8 NGPSS 964 Ballast Water Management Program and Treatment 5 Days
9 NGPSS 778 Inspection on Board off Shore Vessels as per OVD 5 Days
10 Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Carriers and Terminals Safety Operations 5 Days
11 liquid cargo calculation 3 Days
12 Crude and Gas terminal management 10 Days
13 NGPSS 963 Single Buoy Mooring (SBMs) Maintenance Philosophy 5 Days
14 Oil Tanker Familiarization 5 Days
15 Oil tanker mooring operation and handling of cargo hose/arm 5 Days
16 IUS 690 Oil Tanker Vetting 5 Days
17 IUS 640 Tanker charter parties 5 Days
18 Liquid cargo operations simulator (cargo & ballast) Training course(LICOS) Oil Tanker 5 Days
19 Liquid cargo operations simulator (cargo & ballast) Training course(LICOS) Gas Tanker 5 Days