Environmental Protection


This Simulator was designed to fulfill the requirements for Crisis and Disaster Management using the Incident Command System (ICS) as a management adhoc organization. The system was established, developed and used in Canada, United States and Europe

The Crisis and Disaster Management Simulator is a complete, fully automated system used for training & managing real-time emergency response dealing with a variety of natural and man-made crisis according to a pre-designed contingency plan

All Courses

Ser Code Name Duration View
1 EC 01/00 Short Mandatory Course in Marine Pollution 5 Days
2 EC 02/00 Oil Spill Response (IMO Level I) 5 Days
3 EC 03/00 On Scene Commanders and Supervisors (IMO Level II) 5 Days
4 EC 04/00 Oil Spill Crisis Management (IMO Level III) 4 Days
5 EC 05/00 Environmental Impact Assessment 5 Days
6 Introduction to Environmental Disasters Management 5 Days
7 EC O11/00 Modern Techniques of Analytical Chemistry and their Environmental Applications 5 Days
8 Integrated Environmental Management of Matine Ports
9 River Nile Pollution Risk Assessment
10 EC 10/00 Integrated Environmental Management for Water Resources and Environmental Monitoring Activities Course 5 Days
11 EC 07/00 Environmental Pollution and Control 5 Days
12 EC 08/00 Oil Identification Technology 3 Days
13 Oil Spill Combating
14 EC 09/00 Hazardous and Noxious Substances COntingency Planning 5 Days
15 Introduction to Geospatial Technologies in Environmental Protection
16 The Use of Geospatial Technologiees in Coastal Zone Management
17 Crisis Management Workshop for Logistics and Transportation Industry
18 Crisis Management Bases Workshop
19 Communication Problems in Crisis