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Prof. Alsnosy Balbaa, Ph.D

Prof. Balbaa is currently the vice president of Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport for for Maritime Affairs, also he is the Rapporteur of the Supreme Council for Maritime Affairs, Member of BIMCO, Member of the Board of Directors of the Ports Training Institute, Member of the Board of Directors of the Maritime Research and Consulting Center and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the African Forums of AASTMT.

Prof. Balbaa was vice president of Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport for African & Asian Affairs Sector until october 2022, linking with all African & Asian countries in all fields, education, training and consultancy, research and innovation; he practiced proffesionality from two prespectives; one is in the industry as he is X-Master Mariner and serviced in multinational shipping companies as well as ports and the other prespective is academic as he is a professor of environmental management issues in seaports.

Nationally, he is leading more than one team in identifying program opportunities, establishing a network with the fund partners nationally and internationally he is engaged in EU projects those aiming to share solving problems and finding future directions in maritime transportation, research, education.

He is Chairman of (Commercial Timber Company) One of the subsidiaries of the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport, also He is a board member in some maritime holding companies for more than 10 years and still. He is the founder of Africa and Middle East Regional Environmental Center AMEREC; he was the chair of projects in the College of Maritime Transport & Technology (AASTMT),also a Member of the International Advisory Board of European forum and oBsErvatory for OPEN science in transport

He was a Consultant of King Abd AlAziez University for Maritime studies, Saudi Arabia, he also a Lead Editor of ISO 9000-2000 (SGS Certificate), JICA Alumni Permanent Member (Japan). Prof. Balbaa authored one book titled " Managing Enviromental Sustainability in Seaports" available from and he published about 45 publications in Scientific International Journals, International Conferences, Some in Local Conferences, He is also a supervisor for MSc & PhDs. dissertations in Maritime Transport and Environmental Sectors in Egypt and Norway ,as well as Examiner of  MSc & PhDs.

He is a member of establishing maritime vision of Egypt 2030, he is a visiting professor in some universities, and he holds B.Sc. in Nautical Technology (AASTMT), also he holds a Master Mariner F.G in Ship's Operation in High Seas and unlimited (AASTMT), and M.Sc. in Maritime Transport and Technology "Maritime Safety and Fleet Operation" (AASTMT), he holds a Higher Diploma in Fleet Operation (AASTMT) and a PhD in Offshore Technology and Asset Management; Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Stavanger, Norway. Thesis Title "Managing Environmental Sustainability in Seaports: Towards an integrated method", also holds a Master Class Certificate in Business Management and Leadership and Honorary Doctorate in Strategic Environmental Management from London Graduate School – Uk

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