Port Training Institute  Alexandria

Engineerung and Technical Programs

Code Title Prequisites
T01 Qualifying Fresh Graduate Engineers for Port Works
T02 Vessel Maintenance Supervision
T03 Programmable Logic Controller Basics
T06 Value Engineering (Top Management)
T07 Project Management (Engineers)
T10 Port Engineering
T12 Predictive Maintenance using Vibration Analysis
T13 Planned Preventive Maintenance using Computers
T14 Oil Analysis Based Predictive Maintenance
T15 Motor Vehicles Preventive Maintenance
T16 Rust Prevention using Paints and Cathode Protection
T17 Electro Hydraulic Control Systems
T20 Technical Support Team Refreshment Course
T21 Maintenance of Wired and Wireless Equipment
T22 Maintenance and Repair of Electrical Power Network
T23 Mechatronics (Technicians)
T25 Elevated Work & Scaffolds Safety
T28 Safety and Occupational Health (1)
T29 Safety and Occupational Health (2)
T30 Safety and Occupational Health (Top Management)
T31 Workplace Safety
T33 Forklift / Container Handling Electrician (ِRaising standards)
T37 Gantry Cranes Electrician (ِRaising Standards)
T39 Electrical Equipment Maintenance and Repair(Raising standards)
T40 Beginner Welding Technician
T41 Maintenance Technician for Diesel and Generators
T42 Hydraulic Equipment Maintenance Technician
T43 Hydraulic Equipment Maintenance Technician (ِAdvanced)
T44 Electro Hydraulic Control Basics
T45 Pump Repair and Maintenance Technician
T46 Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Equipment Maintenance Technician
T48 Forklift / Container Handling Equipment Mechanical Maintenance Technician (ِAdvanced)
T51 Truck-trailer Operator (ِAdvanced)
T53 Mechanical Equipment Technician onboard Floating Vessels
T55 Forklift/ Container Handling Equipment Operator (Raising standards)
T57 Mobile Crane Operator (Raising standards)
T58 Off Shore Crane Operation
T60 Dry Dock & Spillway Maintenance Works
T61 Yanmar Marine Engine Maintenance
T62 Safe Container Terminal Operation (PDP)
T63 Occupational Health & Safety (Administration Staff)
T64 Personal Protective Equipment
T65 Safety & Risk Assessment
T66 Qualifying Fresh Port Equipments Operator
T67 Qualifying Fresh Operator (Electricity & Hydraulic)
T69 Safety and Occupational Health according to OSHA
T71 Reading of Hydraulic Drawings and Graphs
T72 Equipment Preventive Maintenance Planning
T73 Modern Vehicles Preventive Maintenance
T74 Maintenance of Electronic Injection Diesel Engines
T76 Mechanical Workshop Management (Technicians)
T77 Defensive Driving
T78 MS-Project Level1
T79 MS-Project Program (Level II)
T80 AutoCAD Program (Level I)
T81 AutoCAD Program (Level II)
T82 REVIT Architectural Program
T83 Analysis and Detection of Faults in Hydraulic Circuits (Technicians)
T84 Project Management “ Top Management”
T85 Specifications and Technical Conditions for the Supply of Main Port Equipment
T86 Signalman/Rigging
T87 Maintenance and Repair of Surveillance Cameras
T88 Modern Marine Survey Systems

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