Port Training Institute  Alexandria

Computer and Information Technology Programs

Code Title Prequisites
C01 Desktop Computing Using Microsoft Windows
C02 Desktop Computing Using Linux
C03 Network Design C01
C04 Computer Maintenance Level 1 C01
C05 Computer Maintenance Level 2 C04
C06 Network Administration Using Windows Server C01
C08 Computer for Top Management
C09 Electronic Data Interchange(EDI)
C10 Word Processing Using MS-Word (Level I)
C11 Word Processing Using MS-Word (Level II)
C12 Microsoft Excel Spread Sheets (Level I)
C13 Microsoft Excel Spread Sheets (Level II)
C14 Microsoft Access Database (Level I)
C15 Microsoft Access Database (Level II)
C16 Microsoft Access Database Applications
C17 Microsoft Power Point Program
C18 Microsoft Outlook Program
C22 Internet
C23 Electronic Office Management
C24 Oracle Database (Level I)
C25 Oracle Database (Level II)
C26 Oracle Database Applications
C27 Oracle Database Administration (Oracle DBA)
C28 Microsoft SQL Server Database (Level I)
C29 Microsoft SQL Server Database (Level II)
C31 Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration (DBA)
C32 Programming using JAVA (Level I)
C33 Programming using JAVA (Level II)
C34 Programming using C# (Level I)
C35 Programming using C# (Level II)
C36 Programming using Visual Basic .Net (Level I)
C37 Programming using Visual Basic .Net (Level II)
C38 Visual Basic .Net Applications
C42 Photoshop Program (Level I) None
C43 Photoshop Program (Level II)
C46 Website Designing using HTML
C48 Website Design using PHP
C49 Website Design using ASP
C50 Management Information System
C51 Information System analysis and Desgin (Level I)
C52 Information System analysis and Desgin (Level II)
C53 New Internet Application Using PHP
C54 New PHP Advanced Application
C55 New Electronic Archiving
C56 Fundamentals Of Information Protection And Security On The Internet
C57 Cloud Computing Application in EDI
C58 Advanced Use of Cloud Services
C60 Internet of Things -
C61 Data Analysis C13
C62 Oracle Linux C01
C63 Project Management “Primavera” C01
C64 Artificial Intelligence Applications in Ports C01
C65 Information Security Applications at Ports -
C66 Googel Meet C01
C67 Python programming for Port Workers C01
C68 Electronic Data Reception Forms at Ports C01

Program Description

Computer and Information Technology Programs

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