Fees and Scholarships

The Academy's educational philosophy clearly distinguishes its services from other universities. This philosophy is based on the following principles:

  •  Students pay fixed tuition fees for the same educational load since joining the Academy till graduation, regardless of any changes in tuition that may occur.
  • The Academy awards a number of scholarships for top students at the General Secondary Certificate, in addition to offering them rewards of excellence. Students maintain such scholarships/rewards as long as they sustain their distinguished performance.
  • Applicants having brothers or sisters as students in the Academy receive special tuition reduction. The reduction given to the first brother/sister mounts to 30%and 50% for the second brother/sister.
  • Tuition fees are determined according to the educational load of each study semester.

When are discounts inapplicable?

If the student repeats any course because of failing, withdrawing, or improving. In that case, the cost of the course is fully paid without any discount privilege upon registration.

If the admission or sports scholarship is cancelled upon a decision made by the Students'' Affairs Committee on the student''s misconduct

Excellence Scholarships

Scholarships are offered to students during the period of study (exemption from tuition fees only). The rate of one full scholarship for each semester in each major for the highest cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA), according to the following conditions:

  1. A GPA of not less than 3.4
  2. The number of students in a major must not be less than 15
  3. The student should have completely achieved the study hours of the previous academic periods
  4. The student must be regularly attending academic courses without postponement or interruption
  5. The student must continue his study in the same major
  6. The scholarship system does not apply to the summer semester 
  7. The scholarship shall be equally divided in case more than one student has scored the same GPA
  8. In case more than one student has obtained a GPA of 4.00, each one of them is entitled to a full excellence scholarship
  9. The Excellence scholarship system does not apply to students who transferred from abroad except after they have attached two semesters in the same major