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Welcome to the website of the Electrical Energy Engineering Program - Smart Village Branch. This website has been established to provide comprehensive and detailed information about the program. This information includes programs offered by the department and their detailed curriculum structure, graduates job opportunities in local and international markets, students projects and academic research projects. 
In addition, we introduce the staff members and facilities including labs and workshops as well as other non academic extracurricular activities. Also, the website provides you with ana academic calendar for all activities and special events featured throughout the current academic year .
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Degrees Offered

- The Electrical Energy Engineering department equips students with knowledge and skills to design, analyze and manage electrical systems and renewable energy projects. It covers topics such as Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Power Systems , Electric Vehicles, and Automatic Control. These Fields prepare gradates for careers in different industries. The department also offers post graduate programs such as Master of Science , and Master of Engineering.
- Moreover, you can graduate with a dual degree from Northampton College as there is a partnership between them an Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport . Also all the Engineering programs are accredited by the ABET Committee.

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Market & Career

  • Renewable Energy

    You will be able to apply in any local or international companies that works in renewable energy types as you will study well their different types especially Solar Energy, Wind Energy, and Nuclear Energy.

    The courses implemented in the program will help you apply for any job related to Designing Systems or Manufacturing as well as Project Management job opportunities

  • Electrical Energy

    Electrical Energy job opportunities mainly consist of Generation of Power, Transmission of Power, and Distribution of Power.

    After graduating the students will be able to apply in any Electrical companies from the above 3 categories. For instance, Electrical Power Engineer, Sales Engineer, Control Engineer.

  • Electrical Vehicles

    This sector has a very impressive potential in the upcoming days so, that's why it was a must to offer students a program that helps understanding the construction and theory of operation of EVs. Also it is mandatory to integrate the theoretical information with a practical work that's why there is a well equipped EV lab that serve those courses.

    According to many references there are currently more than 15 electrical vehicle job opportunity available in Egypt and internationally; including positions such as low current project manger, warranty engineer, senior automotive engineer and also supervisor.  

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