Enrollment Documents

  1. An official extract according to the type of the student's certeficate:
    • High School (Thanawiyya Amma): A certeficate, or an official extract of successful completion of High School (Thanawiyya Amma)
    • American Diploma: A certificate of grades of the tenth, eleventh and twelfth years with 12 years of schooling (official transcript)
    • IGCSE: Certificates of three years after the ninth grade
    • Certificate of successful completion of courses in equivalent certificate (Abitur, French Baccalaureate - the international Baccalaureate - the Canadian Baccalaureate)
  2. Birth of certificate or an official document
  3. A copy of ID card or passport
  4. A copy of parent`s/guardian`s ID card or passport
  5. Four personal photos (6x4)
  6. Payment of 100$ as submission and enrollment fees (Non-refundable)
  7. A letter of embassy approval of the student`s admission to the academy. This is a must for students whose embassies require that approval (such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the united Arab Emirates, Jordan, etc...)