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Exciting Collaboration between College of management and college of Dentistry El Alamein

In this unique project, the Faculty of Dentistry extended its expertise to provide full dental check-ups to our students. Our students received complete examinations from qualified specialists, allowing them to gain essential knowledge into their dental health. Each student received a full report explaining any dental issues and recommended solutions, allowing them to make educated decisions regarding their dental health.

Also, our students have unique access to the Faculty of Dentistry's  labs, . They had access to innovative technology and techniques used in current dentistry clinics while being guided by committed lecturers. They gained useful knowledge from this practical experience .

As part of this partnership, the College of Dentistry hosted a workshop on dental hygiene and care. Our students, led by specialists in the area, learnt the value of proper oral hygiene habits and received practical advice on how to maintain their dental health. The program provided our students with the knowledge and resources they needed to prioritize their oral health, including correct brushing practices and advice.

This collaboration is more than just a connection between two colleges; it reflects our dedication to our students' entire growth. By including oral health education into our academic education, we hope to foster a culture of wellness and self-care among our students. We think that a healthy body and mind are necessary for academic achievement and personal satisfaction.
Looking ahead, we are thrilled about how this cooperation might inspire further collaborative efforts that promote overall well-being and academic performance. Together, we can continue to look for new methods for helping our students and improve their educational experience.

We deeply appreciate the Faculty of Dentistry for their collaboration and commitment to advancing oral health and education. We are building a better future for our students one smile at a time.