Why CMT Alamein?

The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport is one of the specialized organizations of the League of Arab States. It has been established since 1972 and it has been involved in the various fields of education, training, scientific research and community service.

The Academy campus in El-Alamein has been established in order to meet the aspirations of parents and their children in a distinguished educational service through Smart Campus and to introduce new study programs in line with the scientific development in the fields of industry, medical sciences and the administrative sciences.

College of Management and Technology Alamein campus is characterized for enjoying great on-campus facilities where latest laboratories, luxurious dorms, sports playgrounds, art and crafting rooms, and modern teaching methods to qualify students to keep abreast of the global development in various fields of technology, which represents the mission of the Academy to provide graduates with the highest level of competence and experience that needed in the different labor markets. CMT Alamein offers students activities all semester long, fun activities, wide range of events, extracurricular fun and different academic majors.

College of Management and Technology Alamein has cooperated with University of Hull to offer students graduation double certificate one from University of Hull and the second from the Arab Academy CMT. The University of HULL (UOH) is one of the oldest 14th Universities in UK, offering a range of high-quality academic programs and excellent research standards and ranked 426 worldwide.

Type of certificates given are as follows:

   1.  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major Marketing

   2.  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major Finance

   3.  Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Participation in the courses teaching activities both Face to Face Education at Alamein campus and Online Teaching.

Hull programs provide graduates with professional accreditation or membership of professional bodies and/or exemptions from professional examinations.

These qualifications enhance the degree and give you a head start in your chosen career.

Hull is known for its research expertise in several knowledge fields. It was awarded the Queen's Award for Technological Achievement.