Deans Message


CMT Dean

Dr. Niveen El-Saghier is the Dean of CMT message to students:


Welcome to the College of Management and Technology Alamein. In today’s world that is evolving and changing rapidly, the business landscape is full of challenges. As technology keeps shifting, reactions are being brought to filter down the workplace. In this ever-evolving reality, the world is in need for business leaders who are adaptable, flexible and ready to assert an uncertain future. Our outstanding team of dedicated staff and faculty members have embraced these challenges and are committed to provide students with the finest educational experience. The College of Management and Technology Alamein prepares students for a wide range of positions for today and the future though teaching them how to think deeply, analytically, creatively and broadly to seek out new ideas everyday and to become learners lifelong. In recognition for how career paths change, the best way to prepare for the future of work is to gain an understanding of all business aspects, including leadership, decision making, entrepreneurship, consumer behavior, accounting and finance. Business knowledge and skills is applicable to all aspects of the economy locally and globally. In CMT Alamein, we encourage students to explore the world outside the college campus through summer internships to help them acquire skills and use them towards the program completion and successful employment. I am delighted to welcome you at CMT Alamein. Whether you are beginning or continuing your educational journey with us, we are looking forward to learn, explore and grow together. Here’s to you and the new opportunities that’s waiting for you here! For each moment of your time, you spend with us, it contains possibilities that can change your life in every way.
Stay open for those opportunities!