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Alumna Spotlight, Amany Balbaa s Inspiring Address on Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Development Goals

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a truly remarkable event featuring our esteemed alumna, Amany Balbaa, Senior in the Operations Department at the National Bank of Egypt's Al Masa Al Alamein branch. Amany, who once walked our halls as a student, returned to share her insights in a captivating speech that left a lasting impact on our community.

Amany's address focused on two critical topics - financial inclusion and the Sustainable Development Goals. Her thoughtful and insightful perspective on these subjects resonated deeply with our students, who were not only captivated but also expressed their enthusiasm and appreciation for the wisdom she imparted.

The event served as a testament to the enduring connection between our college and its accomplished alumni. Amany's journey from being a student within our academic community to a seasoned professional making waves in the financial sector is a source of inspiration for us all. Her commitment to excellence and her dedication to addressing global challenges exemplify the values we hold dear at he Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

As we celebrate the success and contributions of our alumni, Amany's story stands out as a shining example of the transformative power of education. Her journey is a reminder that the bonds formed during one's time at our university are enduring and continue to inspire both current and future generations.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Amany Balbaa for gracing us with her presence and sharing her valuable insights. Her involvement in this event has enriched our community, reinforcing the sense of pride we feel for our alumni's achievements.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the remarkable journey of Amany Balbaa, a true inspiration to us all.