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AASTMT Restaurant Instructions

AASTMT Restaurant Instructions

1- The cleanliness of the place is your cleanliness, so keep it as you keep it clean and not be the cause of harm to others.

2- The three meals are allowed in the main restaurant for students residing in the boarding house of the Academy

3- The student is obligated to show the student card at the Academy and the subsistence payment portfolio when asked about it, and the student is not allowed to enter the restaurant in case of refusal to show the student card or the subsistence payment portfolio

4- Commitment to eating meals in the designated places.

5- Commitment and full adherence to the dates of eating meals.

6- It is strictly forbidden to take food utensils out of the dining hall

7- It is forbidden to take guests to the dining hall.

8- Smoking is prohibited inside the restaurant.

9- It is strictly forbidden for any student to enter the restaurant's kitchen in order to maintain the cleanliness and sterilization of the kitchen.

10- Maintaining the rules of conduct and discipline within the restaurant and not making noise.

11- Maintain your safety and the safety of others and not to provoke any quarrel with others.

12- Review the restaurant supervisor immediately when there is any problem or complaint related to the restaurant.


Nutrition Services

There are 5 restaurants and cafes inside the branch in addition to the restaurant attached to the hotel