Student Affairs  El Alamein


- How can I participate in student activities?
By following the news on the Deanship's website or the social networking group for students of El Alamein.
- How can I participate in student unions?
A student union is elected every year to represent the voice of the students.
- How can I participate in student families?
By contacting the student family official whose name is on the Deanship's website, and in case of no response, you can contact the Dean of Student Affairs.
- Is it possible to start a new family?
Any student can establish a new family by completing the necessary data form from the Dean of Student Affairs (family name - family goal - family members), the number of family members must not be less than 20 students.
- Can I participate in university championships and represent the Academy athletically?
Sure, by registering your data in the Deanship of Student Affairs
- If I am harassed by a colleague, who should I contact?
In the event that the student is harassed by any student in the Academy, he must immediately contact the Deanship of Student Affairs.
- I have a problem with grades?
Scientific problems should go to the deanship of the student's college.
- I have a problem with registration and expenses?
Registration problems and expenses with the admission and registration officer in the branch.