Student Affairs  El Alamein

Cultural & Social activities

The Department of Cultural and Social Activity at the Deanship aims to provide opportunities for students to practice, develop and refine their hobbies, raise awareness among young people, and develop the personality of university students.


The department sponsors and supervises all activities, and provides the appropriate capabilities and atmosphere for practicing these activities, through well-studied programs, to develop the spirit of responsibility and belonging of the student, in addition to expanding students' experiences in many fields to build and develop their personalities.


This activity includes trips, camps, group recreational activities, parties and entertainment competitions, and includes many competitions such as: chess, the ideal student competition, field visits and organizing seminars and introductory conferences for students.


Student activities inside and outside the university play a major role in preparing young people for practical life after graduation, by acquiring various skills by actively participating in non-curricular activities during the university years.

These skills contribute to the maturity of the personality and increase its knowledge of the world outside the walls of the university, so that the student can easily deal with the components of society, and these activities vary between internal exhibitions, workshops, external trips and community initiatives.


Objectives of the Department:


1. Guiding and assisting students to discover and develop their abilities, talents and tendencies.


2.Refining and developing students' talents.


3.Provide students with the opportunity to participate in cultural, artistic and social events.


4.Organizing celebrations of national and religious occasions and holding various cultural seminars and lectures.


5.Establishing activities aimed at serving the community and encouraging students to participate in voluntary initiatives and charitable work.


6.Participate in cultural and artistic activities and competitions in other universities in coordination with the faculties of the university.