Student Affairs  El Alamein

Message of the Dean of Student Affairs



It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Deanery for Student Affairs, Alamein Branch, the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport. The AAST is an organization affiliated with the Arab League. Its sole concern is, and has always been, the interests of its students, aiming to aid them to grow as invaluable human capital with a wide breadth of knowledge of the latest developments in various fields.

Having always put students at the heart of AAST policy, the Deanery for Student Affairs is a fundamental part of providing support to students in matters regarding not only their academic performance, but also all their other activities and endeavors. Its main aim is to help their balanced growth as individuals, boost their skills and help them gain expertise that is needed for their future careers. Thus, the Deanery acts as a tool via which students can embark on their future journey equipped with the skills and the knowledge necessary for them to be productive members of their societies and their country.

In order to achieve the afore-mentioned aims, the Deanery for Student Affairs bases its plan of action on two main axes, namely, student activities and student services. It provides students with all means necessary to accumulate knowledge throughout their college years, as well as facilitates their enrollment in different activities relating to culture, society, arts, sports and community service. Such activities are of paramount importance for achieving learning outcomes, since they contribute greatly to the individual growth of the students, and promote a sense of comradeship and honest competition amongst them.

Furthermore, the Deanery for Student Affairs encourages students to take part in student unions and student bodies in general, and the entrepreneurship group in particular. This latter group is considered to be a hub for discovering and developing the ability of the students to innovate and create, through linking their ideas with real life practical projects. The Deanery for Student Affairs, in cooperation with the Entrepreneurship Center, works on materializing outstanding ideas into real projects, significantly altering lives on the long run.

In light of its attention to methodologically discovering and honing student talent and skill, the Deanery for Student Affairs invites all students to communicate with it for fully benefiting from its available activities, and for getting an opportunity to take an active part in cultural, social and sports events, as well as volunteer work. 

Dr. Mohamed Nabil El-Shaib