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Sport Activities

Sports Activity offers high-quality athletic activities and educational opportunities to all students. The programs it offers promote a healthy lifestyle, discipline, teamwork and leadership, as well as high standards of ethical behavior and sportsmanship. The sports program focuses on health and entertainment through recreation, physical fitness, sports competitions, and healthy physical habits






1. Creating a fertile environment for students' sports creativity.

2. Satisfying students' desires and tendencies by practicing sports activities.

3. Spreading sports awareness at the university.

4. Discovering and developing students' sports talents, refining and directing them in optimal ways.

5. Sponsoring outstanding students in various sports fields (individual - team).

6. Developing students' leadership skills to enable them to lead sports teams, and urging them to participate in sports competitions.

7. Integrating new students into sports activity, introducing them to sports facilities, and discovering new talents.

8. Forming good relations between students through their participation in various sports activities.

9. Instilling the spirit of competition among university students.

10. Cultivate the noble values and traditions of accepting the results of sports competitions.