Port Training Institute  Alexandria

YEP MED project

The Youth Employment in Ports of the Mediterranean (YEP MED)

The YEP MED project was born out of the need to better match the labor market skills needs and dual TVET offers in the Mediterranean port communities’ sector in order to contribute to jobs creation and facilitate productive economic growth. With a particular focus on the benefits for youth, and especially NEETs and women’s opportunities, YEP MED will increase and upgrade local employment opportunities through the reinforcing of the skills sought for by SMEs and start-ups.

  • Start Date : September 2020
  • Duration : 30 months
  • Countries represented : 7

Project Description

Ports connected to international trade, environment and sustainability, digitalization, port logistics and transport networks are currently one of the main focuses of job creation in the so-called Blue Economy. Moreover, the ports ecosystem contains a high concentration of companies that are usually bigger than in other sectors, allowing a bigger investment and jobs absorption capacity. This potential can influence dual technical and vocational education and training (TVET) with job-oriented placement schemes to diminish NEET rates within Mediterranean region. Facing this challenge, YEP MED proposes to impact TVET offers by focusing on three areas with skills shortages: foreign trade, environment and sustainability, digitalization and port logistic operations. It will develop port-logistics TVET resources adjusted to the sector needs, launch learning programmes with job placements and establish partnerships between key stakeholders in the 7 countries represented in the project.

YEP MED will adapt 9 training curricula to the real needs of the productive sectors, introducing personalized monitoring to students and creating controlling systems and training courses that address environmental issues.