Maritime Postgraduate Studies Institute  Alexandria

Quality Policy

Qulity Policy.pdf 

                                      Quality Policy




MPSI is committed to provide better educational services through advanced technology, in order to be integrated at the same level of performance than the other Maritime institutes in order to be superior in field.

MPSI is committed to quality in all its activities, by being responsive to customer and other interested parties feedback so that all who receive our services will be satisfied in terms of quality performance.

Also, MPSI is committed with eliminating and minimizing risks which effect on the business.

MPSI is committed that the services and products are complying with AASTMT regulations, legal and other requirements.

The services are provided by highly qualified and technically competent personnel whom continuously seek to achieve and improve levels of performance that will enhance the reputation of the institute. Performance data are analyzed to ensure that the improvement objectives are met.  

It is our policy to ensure that our services and products satisfy the requirements of appropriate classification and certification bodies.

Commitment to this policy is demonstrated by the implementation and continual improvement of a Management System that satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001 and is documented in the Management System Manual, supported by Management policy, objectives and Procedures and will be reviewed annually in the Management Review Meetings