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Maritime Postgraduate Institute (MPI)


The maritime industry is the corner stone of the global economy, as 90% of international trade and goods'' movements are undertaken by sea. During the last three decades and due to the accelerated development that has occurred in the maritime industry, there was a need to move locally and regionally from the traditional static theories of management to modern interactive applications concept. This has led to a growing demand for well-trained candidates who are effectively able to manage the highly complex business interacting to this creates.

Since its inception, the Academy has worked to provide a unique educational, training and research programs in all different fields of maritime transport.

SSince its inception in 1972, as one of the Arab League affiliated organization, the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) has been providing educational and training services in a wide range of disciplines, sciences and technologies related to the maritime sector. Bachelor degree programs in both Maritime Transport and Marine Engineering together with courses leading to certificates of competency for deck officers, marine engineers, electrical technical engineers and radio officers have been mastered by the Academy and constantly delivered serving a multinational body of students over the past fifty years. In 1994, the Academy decided to launch higher postgraduate study programs to award High Diploma, Master`s Degree and Doctorate in the field of Maritime Transport and Technology.

The Maritime Postgraduate Studies Department (as named at that time) was established under the umbrella of the College of Maritime Transport and Technology in January 1994. During the last three decades and due to vast development in maritime and shipping fields, there has been a significant need for specialized entity providing maritime postgraduate studies in broader prospects.

 In 2014, AASTMT decided to keep pace with industry trends and needs through establishing a new independent Maritime Postgraduate Studies Institute (MPI) instead of the dependent Maritime Postgraduate department to give wider range of flexibility and increase the prospects and outcomes of Maritime Postgraduate studies in the Academy. The main target of the Institute is to assist the Arab and African countries to satisfy their needs of highly qualified national individuals who can follow up and take part in the maritime industry development.

The Maritime Postgraduate Studies Department (as named at that time) has accepted the enrolment of the first Masters class in February 1995, where the first graduate student was awarded Maters degree in 1997. The College has also accepted a number of Doctorate Degree students since 1997.  The first Doctorate Degree thesis was submitted in December 2000.