Objectives of the Maritime Postgraduate studies Institute:




The main objectives of the Maritime Postgraduate Studies Institute are as follows:


a)       Providing specialized studies and researches for the enhancement and development of the maritime industry.

b)       Preparing qualified personnel who can effectively improve and enhance different marine activities.

c)       Ultimate utilization of the available data and research results in the enhancement and improvement of marine industry.

d)       Providing new solutions to problems encountered in the maritime industry.


e)       Assisting postgraduate researchers in enhancing their career opportunities.


f)        Supporting the Arab and African maritime communities to comply with the IMO requirements and implement new conventions and codes through the results coming out of the various scientific research held in the institute.


MPI Strategy


a)       Continuous updating and improvement of teaching materials and syllabuses.


b)       Creation of new programs and adding updated syllabuses that well matching with new trends in marine industry.

c)       Ultimate relations with highly rated universities worldwide.


d)       Utilizing the outcomes of knowledge and research results in the enhancement and development of marine industry.

e)       Providing advanced and effective scientific solutions for the potential problems encountered in the maritime industry.

f)        Assisting the international and regional maritime community to enrich the Arabian libraries by developing specialized maritime studies, projects and scientific researches.



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