Integrated Simulators Complex

Technical Support


The Technical Support Department at Integrated Simulators Complex is committed to providing an appropriate level of development, maintenance, and professional service operations support to academic and administrative services to resolve raised technical issues and problems.The expert technical support executive staff implements day-to-day cost effective solutions that enhances the complex’s ability to provide a highly effective, efficient and continuity quality of education for marine students on multiple simulated training facilities and a gives the entire users’ activity the means to operate successfully.





SLOGAN: “SERVICE” It’s a language we know very well

MISSION: Keep Simulators running healthy.

VISION: Efficient operation, superior maintenance and maximize simulator’s performance for employed resources, through providing technological leadership and strategic planning to ensure the effective management and implementation of all information technology solutions.



  • Generally, the Technical Support Department is committed for providing an appropriate level of professional service operations, development and maintenance to all training courses held in Integrated Simulators Complex.
  • Through maintaining, planning, implementing and advising the expert technical support executive staff could achieve a high level of enhancing the complex’s ability to provide a highly effective, efficient and continuity quality of education/training on different simulated training facilities.


We are a group of well qualified, highly skilled staff and with very high trained on up-to-dated technology for both operations and maintenance of different type of Simulators such as Marine , Offshore, Train and truck simulators. Moreover providing Information technology solutions and innovations for simulators upgrade and developing.















  1. Execute effective operations for all types of simulators according to training schedules held in different department in ISC.
  2. Technical Support Department effectively manage and maintain both scheduled preventive and instantaneous maintenance activities and logistics support of all technology assets and training equipment resources and simulators .
  3. Sharing and cooperating with different ISC department and units during new research projects.
  4. Utilize predictive maintenance techniques to reduce equipment failure and reduce maintenance workload via the ability of approaching problems by tests and inspection.
  5. Completion of operating logs, reports, and records to meet the standards of DNV-GL association certificate within ISC.
  6. Meeting ISO standard and DNV-GL system by keeping different types of operating logs, maintenance records, backup and services forms and utilizing periodical reports to ensure and control quality of technical support services.
  7. Maintain, plan and enhance the IT infrastructure to support the operations of all entire simulators and labs considering growth, upgrading, and development of ISC now and in future.
  8. Focusing on proactive, timely and efficiently training service through providing IT solutions and logistics.








  1. Providing the technical support & consultations to the River Nile Simulator located at The Regional Institute for River Transportation – Cairo
  2. Providing the technical support & complete maintenance for the Trucks & Cranes Simulators located at Port Training Institute – Alexandria
  3. Providing the technical support & consultations for the Truck Simulator and for the Reverse Engineering Lab located at Industry Service Complex – AAST&MT, Alexandria.
  4. Providing the technical support & participate in the installation of the Train Simulators & develop various laboratories & workshops located at Wardan Training Institute for Railways - Giza
  5. Participate with ARI in the installation of the Dynamic Positioning and Crane Simulators located at Integrated Simulators Complex – AAST&MT, Alexandria.
  6. Providing the Technical support for the Thermodynamics lab, mechatronics, and network lab located at Engineering & Technology Collage – AAST&MT, Alexandria.
  7. The Development team implemented many software for ISC:- Visual components of Marine Simulator prototype, Crisis management software, other business facilitation software (registration system).