The Natural Gas and Petrochemicals Simulator introduces newly developed training methods to supplement the traditional methods on board training. The Natural Gas and Petrochemicals Simulator Facility provides real time simulation of the process of Flow Control Systems which is used in storage and transfer of potentially hazardous bulk liquid from shore to ship, and ship to shore.The Simulator Facility allows a broad range of training courses, which are presently applicable to both ship and shore activities involved in handling LNG, LPG, Crude Oil Products and Chemical Cargoes. The model used in training is designed to enable trainees to become familiar with both the configuration and operation of the Liquid Cargo System. ,

Department Objectives

Implementation and synchronization of international conventions and practical simulation of these conventions in order to raise Bulk Liquid carriers'' operators'' standard and qualifications.

The department is offering all required courses that should qualify candidates to work on board Oil, Chemicals and Gas Carriers in accordance with STCW requirements.In addition to above courses, special required training by Major Companies are available as following:

  • Liquid bulk cargo carriers Inspection course.
  • Oil terminal operators courses according to ISGOTT requirements.
  • Liquid cargo calculations.
  • Familiarization course of latest Techniques, conditions and laws of Ballast Water pollution control.