Oil Spill Combating Training Center

The Oil Spill Combating Center (OSCC) is one of the major components of the disaster and crisis management systems. It includes almost all types of equipment used in combating oil spills and fulfills the requirements of OPRC IMO Model Courses.

The center is located near the beach of Abu Qir bay in Alexandria, which facilitates practical exercises and handling of equipment taking into consideration the highest standards of human safety.


OSCC Facilities:

OSCC incorporates combating equipment that are used for training purposes and may be summarized as follows:

  • Four boats for deploying equipment and running different booms configurations.
  • An Oil basin for deploying skimmers and measuring their efficiencies.
  • Different types of booms of different lengths.
  • Different types of skimmers.
  • Dispersants spraying equipment.
  • Different types of sorbents.
  • Supporting equipment such as pumps and auxiliary facilities.