Clean Water and Sanitation

2020- 2021 Programs, Student Projects & Training

  • 2020- 2021 Programs, Student Projects & Training


AASTMT organizes conferences, awareness sessions as well as educates students through graduation projects, graduate and undergraduate courses, training and competitions. Besides, outside the campus, AASTMT provides paid and free courses for water management.

Water, Energy and Environmental Programs

1-     M.Sc. in Renewable and environmental energy:

2-     M.Sc. in Water Resources Engineering:

3-     Master degree in Quality Management (MQM)


4-     Master of Logistics for Exporting Agricultural Crops

Water-related graduation projects 2020

1-     Graduation Projects of Mechanical Engineering Department- Alexandria Campus

  • Irrigation system combined with solar panel

  • Desalination power and hydrogen production using fuel cell

  • Graphical waterfalls

  • Improving the productivity of solar still water desalination

  • Design and economic feasibility of a solar powered atmospheric air water generator

2-     Graduation Projects of Construction & Building Department- Alexandria Campus

  •  Remote Sensing Applications in Water Resources

3-     Graduation Projects of Mechanical Department- Smart Village Campus

  • Design and control of a smart Aquaponic System


  • Environmental Monitoring & Climate Change

Environmental Monitoring and Climate Change Laboratory.pdf

The lab specializes to carry out the following activities and studies:

1. Environmental impact assessments,

2. Water quality analysis,

3. Wastewater analysis,

4. Meteorological and climate data collection,

5. Analyzing the environmental factors in it to detect chemical components and pollution, in order to ensure compliance with agreed environmental conditions and standards.

6. The laboratory would provide community training in environmental monitoring and associated services.

A Field Visit to the New Abu Qir Steam Power Station

A site visit to the 1300MW New Abu-Qir Steam Power Station has been organized by the College of Maritime Transport for students in the Electrical Machines course. The New Abu-Qir station is the largest steam power station in Egypt that relies on sea water desalination for electricity power generation. Students were able to understand the entire generation process and how the waste water is being returned back to sea according to the environmental regulations of the Egyptian Law.


1-     Environmental, health & safety and Energy Training

2-     The Drinking Water Alexandria Company Obtains ISO 26000 with the help of The Productivity & Quality Institute

AASTMT Energy Consultancy

1-     Energy Management Service of AASTMT Productivity and Quality Institute (PQI)