5.6.6 Women’s mentoring schemes

  • 5.6.6 Women’s mentoring schemes

AASTMT provide support, encouragement, and advice, and can help women to achieve their academic and professional goals.

University has many mentoring schemes in all campuses for our students. Together as a proportion of all female students, these easily engage more than 10% of our female cohorts.

Women's mentoring schemes are designed to support and encourage women in higher education. They can provide a range of benefits.

Psychological and social specialist is available in deanery of students’ affairs exclusive to females and not, leads to at least 10% of our female students participating in mentoring either through receiving or providing mentoring support.  

There are many different types of women's mentoring schemes, but they all share the common goal of supporting and empowering women. Some common types of schemes include; One-on-one mentoring and Group mentoring.

AAST have women’s mentoring schemes, in which at least 10% of female students participate.

At entrepreneurship in AAST Good Will Incubator, Number of the female

  • 4 startups accepted in goodwill incubator
  • 45 startups registered in goodwill incubator
  • 155 participated in workshop for goodwill
  • Rally Competitions - Egypt Rally, AAST Rally, Rally Accelerate
  • Number of the female in rally 2022: 250+

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