IS -132 CRs

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  • English

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Learning Outcomes

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Admission Requirements

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Tests & Prerequisites

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Code Title Prequisites
UNR1403 Academic English -
UNR1302 Fundamentals of business -
EBA1203 Calculus 1 None or (EBA0201 for science students)
EBA1110 Physics -
CCS1101 Introduction to computing -
CIS1000 Introduction to information systems -
EBA0201 Precalculus -
GLA0001 Remedial English -
UNRXXXX University Req. Elective -
Code Title Prequisites
UNR2101 Communication and Presentation Skills UNR1403
UNR1407 Academic Writing UNR1403
EBAXXXX Science Elective -
EBA1204 Calculus 2 EBA1203
CCS1302 Problem solving and programming CCS1101
CCS1001 Discrete structures CCS1101
CNC1401 Entrepreneurship skills 10 CR. or more
Code Title Prequisites
CCS2102 Digital Logic Design CCS1101
CCS2303 Object-Oriented Programming CCS1302
EBA2204 Linear Algebra EBA 1204
CCS2201 Introduction to Networks CCS1302
CIS2101 Database Systems CCS1302
EBA2203 Probability & Statistics EBA 1204
Code Title Prequisites
CAI3101 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CCS1001, CCS2401
CNC3402 Introduction to Accounting -
CIS3002 Information Systems Theory & Practice CIS1000, CCS2101
CIS3001 Systems Analysis & Design CIS1000, CCS2303
CCS3203 Operating Systems CCS2103, CCS2401
CIT3200* Professional Training in Mobile Apps Programming -
Code Title Prequisites
CNC3403 Principles of Marketing -
CSE3402 Project Management CSE2001
CNC3404 Global Business -
CIS3301 E-business Fundamentals CIS1000, CCS2305
CIS3102 Advanced Database Systems CIS2101
CITXXXX Professional Training I -
Code Title Prequisites
CIS4103 Big Data Analysis EBA2203, CAI3101
CNC4405 Business Process Management 90 CR or more
CIS4901 Project I GPA>=2.0 & 90 CR or more
CITXXXXX Professional Training II -
CISXXXX Major Elective 1 -
CISXXXXX Major Elective 2 -
Code Title Prequisites
CIS4201 IS Security CCS3203, CCY2001
CIS4303 Decision Support Systems CAI3101
CIS4902 Project II CIS4901
CISXXXXXX Major Elective 3 -
CISXXXXXXX Major Elective 4 -
CITXXXXXX Professional Training III -

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