Yacht Training program





The Yacht Training Program (YTP) aims to qualify and prepare applicants to enter the international yachting career market as skippers and masters. The program supports cadets and masters to fulfill requirements for sea going service onboard yachts. Thus, enabling them to undertake positions as International Bareboat Skipper, Yacht Master (Coastal), Yacht Master (Offshore) and Yacht Master (Ocean).  International Bareboat Skipper - Yacht Master (Coastal) - Yacht Master (Offshore) -Yacht Master (Ocean(

Program Vision
The Yacht Training Program offered by Sea Training Institute (STI) seeks to become an international center that offers world class specialized yacht training for crews, and meet the technological advancements in the yachting industry with excellent efficiency.


Program Purpose

YTP is a carefully monitored and supervised program through which the cadet is able to actively reflect on and practice the learning acquired at YTP. The Yacht Training Program provides its graduates with the needed certification to undertake a position in yachting industry. The training program provides cadets and masters of yachts with theoretical knowledge, application, practical training and on-board experience to meet the requirements of yachting industry, Panama Maritime Authority and International Yacht Training (IYT) as recognized by the British Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) for knowledge, understanding and proficiency.


Program Mission

To provide candidates of YTP with an unmatched opportunity through supervised program in accordance with the highest international standards. Thus, buildup the cadet and master with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for a challenging and highly rewarding career at yachting industry.


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