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PLC Laboratory

PLC Laboratory


Laboratory Information


Lab name: PLC Laboratory

Room no.: B2-028

Capacity: 15 students



Major Equipments


·         5 Personal Computers

·         Sensor application trainer

·         Basic PLC modules

·         Transducers and Control

·         Mechanics measurements packages

·         Comprehensive tool kit

·         Electro-Pneumatic Trainer Single Sided, Cart Mounted

·         Air Compressor

·         Pneumatic & PLC Sequence Control

·         Digital oscilloscope

·         Function generator

·         Operation amplifier circuit trainer

·         Power supply

·         Electrical design requirements including resistors, Capacitors, transistors, switches, A/D, D/A, cables, etc

·         Prototyping bread board.

·         Multi-meters

·         Strain gauges

·         Powerful workstations for Computer- Integrated- Manufacturing (CIM) Network

·         Data acquisition system. 8 channels I/O

·         Package of power tools

·         Mechanical Measurements packages



The laboratory serves the following courses:


Course Code

Course Title



Electromechanical Systems

8th Term


Automation of Mechanical Systems  

10th Term


Graduation project 1

9th Term

ME 502

Graduation project 2

10th Term


Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems       

7th Term