12.4.1 Publication of a sustainability report

  • 12.4.1 Publication of a sustainability report

The data presented in the report was collected and verified internally through a secure platform before being consolidated into the report. The Academy's Strategic Plan, which outlines its vision as a regional hub for academic excellence, research & innovation, student life, social responsibility, and global outreach, was considered when identifying material aspects, indicators, and boundaries. 

This report provides insights into the Academy's governance structure, operations, teaching, and engagement with local communities, learning, and research. It also discloses its performance on topics important to its stakeholders, including staff, businesses, industry, government, community partners, and students. 

The Academy is committed to continuous improvement and engagement with its stakeholders. 

Please read our Biannual AASTMT Sustainability report on the AASTMT webpage and read the complete report here  AASTMT Sustainability Report 2018-2021