Consumption and Recycling Policy

  • Consumption and Recycling Policy

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The AASTMT has formulated its policies with the objectives of achieving the aims of sustainable development, contributing to the upholding of the University's Environmental Change and Social Duty Policy, and ensuring the continued health and safety of the surrounding society and community. The current generation as well as those to come will be negatively impacted by increasing greenhouse gas emissions, unprecedented rates of CO2 emissions, rising sea levels, pollution, overcrowding, resource waste, and land degradation because of the enormous strain that is being placed on environmental resources. They are up against insurmountable obstacles because of climate change, depleted resource levels, and inadequate waste management.

The policy seeks to anticipate, reuse, re-purpose, and reduce the amount of trash that results from our activities to mitigate the adverse natural effects that are arising because of our era's increased waste production. The Policy also intends to ensure that AASTMT manages waste concerns through the prevention of contamination and by natural legislation.