12.2.8 "Minimization policies extended to suppliers

  • 12.2.8 "Minimization policies extended to suppliers

AASTMT actively promotes and advocates for its suppliers and subcontractors to effectively address and mitigate the environmental and social consequences arising from their business activities. Suppliers and subcontractors are advised to modify their business practices as necessary in order to comply with AASTMT policy and practices. In addition, it is clear that third-party suppliers are expected to follow Responsible Procurement principles.  The requirements imposed by the AASTMT’s policy and the Egyptian environmental affairs.   Consequently, AASTMT assures that all their suppliers are following their policies at different levels as shown on the AASTMT webpage:

The Consumption and Recycling policy ensures that AASTMT manages waste concerns through the different service providers and suppliers.

Read our Consumption and Recycling Policy Statement 

The Sustainable Procurement policy, which along with our Sustainable investment policy aims to outline the AASTMT’s position on the management of ethical and sustainable procurement.

Read our Sustainable Procurement policy statement,

The Sustainable Investment Policy. Through applying this policy, AASTMT is committed to ensuring that our investments contribute to a sustainable future is outlined in our Sustainable Investment Policy.

Read our  Sustainable Investment Policy Statement​​​​​​​