1.3.4 Bottom financial quintile student support

  • 1.3.4 Bottom financial quintile student support

Student Scholarships and the number of students receiving financial aid for the fiscal year 2021:

Financial support from charitable organizations:

Some charitable organizations provide scholarships and financial support to academy students, as these organizations seek to support students with financial needs to enable them to continue their university education and achieve their academic ambitions, and students with special needs.​​​​​​​

The Academy cooperates with those institutions and entities internally and externally to provide support to students:

Entities inside Egypt such as:

  • Abu Elenin Foundation for Social Activity
  • Misr Al Khair Foundation
  • Sawiris Foundation for Social Development
  • Agricultural Bank in Matrouh Governorate
  • Ezz iron

Parties outside Egypt such as:

  • Eastern Triangle Consulting and Development Company - Yemen
  • Iraqi Oil Tanker Company - Iraq
  • Ministry of Maritime Transport - Yemen
  • Sea Ports Authority - Sudan

Arab cultural attachés

Protocols & Partnerships with Charities Institutions​​​​​​​

Financial Support Rates

  • In accordance with the regulations in place to help financially distressed students, the Academy allocates full or partial support according to the case study or through donors for each semester, provided that supporting documents are submitted and each case is studied individually.
  • Some Arab students are supported, as their tuition fees are calculated like the Egyptians.
  • There are scholarships from the academy for some Arab students, the percentage of which varies from 30% to 70%.
  • The Academy grants some Arab graduates a discount ranging from 25% to 30% for tuition fees for each semester. The cases are presented to the financial support committees and the discount rates are determined and then approved by His Excellency the President of the Academy to activate the discount for students.
  • There are full scholarships from the Academy for students in developing countries, whether at the bachelor’s level in colleges or in postgraduate programs, provided that the student maintains his academic excellence.

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