Advanced Digital Communication Systems

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Characterization of signals and systems. Orthogonal expansions. Representations and spectra of digital modulated signals. Modulation and demodulation for AWGN channels signal waveforms. Optimum coherent detectors. Error probability for different M-array signals. Carrier recovery systems. Symbol synchronization methods. Noncoherent detection of M-array signals. Binary coding. M-array coded signals. Linear block coding. Soft and hard decision decoding. Convolution codes. Generation and decoding. Viterbi algorithm. Trellis code modulation.


M.Sc. in Electronics and Communications Engineering


  • The student should become versed in the mathematical techniques used in dealing with modulation and synchronization as well as the different techniques of M-array digital signaling. Also, the student should be able to deal with channels coding either block or convolutional.


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  • Generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical power for public and private sectors to secure both continuous and emergency demands.
  • Electrical power feeding for civil and military marine and aviation utilities.
  • Electrical works in construction engineering.

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