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26أ.د. علاء عبد الواحد حسن عبد البارىVibration of Cylindrical Gold Nano-Beam With Fractional Order Thermo Elastic Waves
Authors: H.M. Youssef, K.A. Elsibai and A.A. Elbary
Jokull Journal
ISSN: 0449-0576, Vol. 64, No.6, June 2014,  pp 416-427
1JCR - Impact Factor 
27د. علام عبد العزيز علام
د. محمد عبد الحميد عمر
د. خالد توفيق على رمضان
A thermoelastic diffusion interaction in an infinitely long annular cylinder
Authors: Allam A. Allam, M. A. Omar, Khaled T. Ramadan
Archive of Applied Mechanics
ISSN: 0939-1533 (Print) 1432-0681 (Online), Vol.84, No.7, July 2014, pp 953-965
1.438JCR - Impact Factor 
28د. طارق أحمد السيد
د. محمد نبيل الشايب
Earthquake vulnerablility assessment of a mobile jackup platform in gulg of suez
Authors: T. Elsayed, M. El-Shaib & Tore Holmas
Ships and Offshore Structures
ISSN: 1744-5302 (Print), 1754-212X (Online), Published online: 07 Aug 2014
0.817JCR - Impact Factor 
29د. سارة محمد الزرقا Supply chain risk management: the lessons learned from the Egyptian revolution 2011
Author: Sara M. Elzarka
International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications: A Leading Journal of Supply Chain
ISSN: 1367-5567  (Print) 1469-848X (Online), Vol.16, No.6, 2013,  pp. 482-492
0.469JCR - Impact Factor 
30أ.د. سمير يوسف محمد مرزوق
المهندس/ أحمد رمضان أحمد محمد
Analytical investigation and experimental validation of an inverted cup float used for wave energy conversion
Authors: A. Ramadan, M.H. Mohamed, S.M. Abdien, S.Y. Marzouk, A. El Feky, A.R. El Bazd
ISSN: 0360-5442, Vol.70, 1 June 2014, pp. 539–546
4.159JCR - Impact Factor 
31أ.د. سمير يوسف محمد مرزوق
المهندس/ أحمد رمضان أحمد محمد
An artificial generation of a few specification wave conditions: New Simulatior design and experimental performance.
Authors: A. Ramadan, M.H. Mohamed, S.Y. Marzok, O.A. Montasser, A. El Feky, A.R. El Baz
ISSN: 0360-5442, Vol.69, 1 May 2014, pp. 309–318
4.159JCR - Impact Factor 
32أ.د. محمد حسن عبد العظيمAccurate propagation computation through metamaterial RAM structures using modified 3D SCN transmission line matrix method for different incidence angles
Authors: Mahmoud A. Abdalla & Mohammed H. Abd El-Azeem
Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications
ISSN: 0920-5071 (Print) 1569-3937 (Online), Vol. 28, No.5, 2014, pp. 585-592
1.395JCR - Impact Factor 
33د. علاء عبد الواحد حسن عبد البارىThermoelastic Material Response Due To Laser Pulse Heating In Context of Four Therms of Thermoelasticity
Authors: Hamdy M. Youssef & Alaa A. El-Bary
Journal of Thermal Stresses
ISSN: 0149-5739 (Print) 1521-074X (Online), Vol.37, No. 12, 2014,  pp. 1379-1389
1.169JCR - Impact Factor 
34أ.د. محمد سعيد أبو النصرInvited reviews
Authors: P. K. Choudhury & M. Abou El-Nasr
Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications
ISSN: 0920-5071 (Print) 1569-3937 (Online), Vol.28, No.12, August 2014, pp. 1399-1400
1.395JCR - Impact Factor 
35أ.د. علاء عبد الواحد حسن عبد البارىState space approach to unsteady magnetohydrodynamics natural convection heat and mass transfer through a porous medium saturated with a viscoelastic fluid
Authors: M. A. Ezzat, A. A. El-Bary, A. S. Hatem
Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics
ISSN: 0021-8944 (Print) 1573-8620 (Online), July 2014, Vol.55, No. 4, pp. 660-671
0.268JCR - Impact Factor 
36د. خالد سيف الملوك محمد An exact solution for vehicle routing problems with semi-hard resource constraints.
Authors: Khaled S. Abdallah,  Jaejin Jang.
Computers & Industrial Engineering
ISSN: 0360-8352, Vol.76, October 2014, pp. 366–377
1.69JCR - Impact Factor 
37المهندسة/ أمنية عمرو جمال الدين عطا اللهBayesian neutral network approach for determining the risk of re-intervention after endovascular aortic aneurysm repair
Authors: Omneya Attallah and Xianghong Ma
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine
ISSN: 0954-4119(Print) 2041-3033 (Online), September 11, 2014 - OnlineFirst
1.144JCR - Impact Factor 
38أ.د. مصطفى حسين
د. نظمى عزام
م. محمد سليمان محمد خليل
Design and Performance Evaluation of a dispersion compensation unit using several chirping functions in a tanh apolodized FBG and Comprison with Disrersion compensation fiber
Authors: Nazmi A. Mohammed, Mohammad Solaiman, and Moustafa H. Aly
 Applied Optics
ISSN: 1559-128X (print) 2155-3165 (online) , Vol. 53, No.29, Oct. 10, 2014 pp. H239–H247
1.649JCR - Impact Factor 
39أ.د. محمد عبد الفتاح طعيمة
د. خالد محمد محى الدين صقر
Numerical simulations of the effect of an isotropic heat field on the entropy generation due to natural convection in a square cavity.
Authors: Wael M. El-Maghlany, Khalid M. Saqr, Mohamed A. Teamah
Energy Conversion and Management
ISSN:0196-8904,Vol.85, September 2014, pp. 333–342
3.59JCR - Impact Factor 
40أ.د. طارق أحمد السيد
د. محمد نبيل الشايب
م. خالد عادل محمود جبر
Reliability of fixed offshore jacket platform against earthquake collapse
Authors: T. Elsayeda, M. El-Shaib & K. Gbr
Ships and Offshore Structures
ISSN:1744-5302 (Print) 1754-212X (Online), Published online
0.81JCR - Impact Factor 
41أ.د. علاء عبد البارىStokes’ first problem for a thermoelectric  fluid with fractional - order heat transfer
Authors: Magdy A. Ezzat, Alla A. El-Bary, Shereen M. Ezzat
Reports on mathematical physics
ISSN: 0034-4877, Vol.74, No.2 , pp. 145-158
1.042JCR - Impact Factor 
Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures, an ABCM Journal
ISSN: 1679-7817 (print)  1679-7825 (Online), Vol.11, No.13 (2014) 
1.254JCR - Impact Factor 
43أ.د. علاء عبد البارىnumerical study of the stokes first problem for thermoelectrcal micropolar fluid with fractional derive heat transfer
Authors: M. A. Ezzat - I. A. Abbas - A. A. El-Bary - Sh. M. Ezzat
ISSN: 0024-998X,  Vol.50, No.3, 2014, pp. 263-277
0.66JCR - Impact Factor 
44د. مصطفى سعد عبد اللهA Shunt Active Power Filter for a Medium-Voltage 12-Pulse Current Source Converter Using Open Loop Control Compensation
Authors: Hamad, M.S. Masoud, M.I. Ahmed, K.H. Williams, B.W.
 Industrial Electronics, IEEE
ISSN: 0278-0046, Vol.61, No.11, Nov. 2014,  pp. 5840 - 5850
6.5JCR - Impact Factor 
45د. علام عبد العزيز علام عبد النعيمA stochastic half-space problem in the theory of generalized thermoelastic diffusion including heat source
Author: Allam A. Allam
Applied Mathematical Modelling
ISSN: 0307-904X, Vol.38, No. 21–22, 1 November 2014, pp. 4995–5021
2.158JCR - Impact Factor 
46د. إبراهيم صادق صديق Eco-friendly ion of ship emissions reduction strategies with emphasis on Sox Nox emissions
Authors: Seddiek, Ibrahim S. - Elgohary, Mohamed M.
International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
ISSN: 2092-6782,  Vol.6, No.3, Sep 2014,  pp.  737- 748
0.216JCR - Impact Factor 
47د. نشوى ممدوح محمد البندارىAutomatic image annotation approach based on optimization of classes scores
Authors: Nashwa El-Bendary, Tai-hoon Kim, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Mohamed Sami
ISSN: 0010-485X (Print) 1436-5057 (Online), Vol.96, No.5, May 2014,  pp. 381-402
1.055JCR - Impact Factor 
48د. نشوى ممدوح محمد البندارىusing machine learning techniques for evaluating tomato ripeness
Authors: Nashwa El-Bendary, Esraa El Hariri, Aboul Ella Hassanien, 
Journal of Expert Systems with Applications.
ISSN: 0957-4174, Vol.42, No. 4, March 2015, pp. 1892-1905
1.965JCR - Impact Factor 
49د. وائل عباس محفوظ محمدUnsteady flow in a porous medium between parallel plates in the presence of uniform suction and injection with heat transfer
Authors: H. A. Attia, W. A. El-Meged, W. Abbas, M. A. M. Abdeen
International Journal of Civil Engineering
ISSN: 1735-0522 (Print) 2383-3874‪ (online), Vol.12, No.3, PP. 277-281

0.397JCR - Impact Factor 
50أ.د. مصطفى حسين علىA Simplified Analytical Technique for High Frequency Characterization of Resonant Tunneling Diode
Authors: DESSOUKI, A. A. S., ABDALLAH, R. M., ALY, M. H.
Advanced in Electrical & Computer Engineering
ISSN: 1582-7445 (Print)1844-7600 (online), Vol.14, No. 4, 2014, pp. 87-94
0.642JCR - Impact Factor 

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