Education and Student Affairs

Summary of Rules & Regulations of Recruiting GTAs

The Academy does not apply the demonstrators’ appointment system (a system applied in Egyptian public universities) however, it appoints Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) just like major reputable international universities. The GTA system grants a full Master’s degree scholarship for graduates who are graduated with merit on return they have to do some educational and administrative work loads. These loads include practical training hours and exercises for the academic curriculum in addition to some administrative work such as, taking part in students academic advising, exams committee, schedules committee, registration, … etc. in return for a monthly allowance.
The performance of GTAs is evaluated periodically during the duration of the scholarship granted by the Academy, which is considered as a test period. After that, some of the best calibers of the  GTAs are chosen to be part of the staff members according to the department needs in case they prove to be excellent in  performing their duties and efficient in teaching. In addition, GTAs have to fulfill all the requirements for the “assistant lecturer” promotion.
Accordingly, there is no commitment on the Academy’s part to appoint any GTA who has a Master's degree and does not prove to be efficient in performing his/her duties in teaching, scientific research or other administrative duties related to his/her work and assigned to him/her by his seniors and centers of responsibility.
Terms of recruiting Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) in the Academy:
GTAs are chosen based on a recommendation from the department and the consent of the Dean according to the needs of the departments on the condition that:
1. Their GPA has to be not less than 3.4 (excellent with honors) taking into consideration their rank upon graduation.
2. They should not have repeated more than two courses during their study period regardless of their GPA.
3. They should accept to choose a post-graduate major that is relevant to the concerned department’s needs not according to their own preferences.
4. A GTA from outside the Academy can be appointed, if there are no candidates from the Academy graduates specialized in the required major. Choosing this candidate has to be based on the above mentioned criteria.
• The Academy provides a full Master’s degree scholarship for GTAs which includes the following: 
(Full exemption from registration fees, health insurance, a monthly allowance, and an annual / casual leave)
• The minimum years for the masters degree scholarship is 2 years, while the maximum is 4 years.