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Rules and Regulations of Appointing Graduate Teaching Assistants and Standards for Evaluating Annual Performance At the Arab Academy

The Academy adopts the system of appointing graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) (in accordance with the system followed by reputable international universities) as opposed to the system of recruiting demonstrators in Egyptian governmental universities. The GTA system is based on granting the top graduates of the Academy a complete scholarship that enables them to pursue their Master’s degree studies at the expense of the Academy according to the actual needs of the departments. In addition to the Master’s scholarship, GTAs also receive a monthly stipend in return for taking on academic and administrative loads including giving course tutorials and taking part in academic advising, exam invigilation, timetables committees, registration work, etc.
The performance of the GTAs is periodically assessed during the scholarship period provided by the Academy – which serves as a testing period – after which the most proficient and distinguished GTAs are ed to join the teaching staff members. This is the case provided they have shown competence in teaching and carrying out other assigned tasks in addition to meeting all the requirements needed for the post of “an assistant lecturer.” It follows that the Academy has no obligation to recruit any GTAs who have obtained their Master’s degree but have not proved to be competent enough in any of the tasks assigned to them by the bosses including teaching, researching, and other administrative work related to their occupational duties.
Accordingly, it is necessary to issue regulations to appoint GTAs to establish specific criteria for nominating GTAs after the expansions that the Academy has witnessed in the last few years. In addition, criteria should be set to evaluate their performance during their appointment years to guarantee the ion of the best candidates for the post of “assistant lecturer”.
First: Regulations of Appointing Graduate Teaching Assistants at the Academy:
Graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) are appointed according to a nomination made by the educational department and the consent of the College Dean, which depends on the priorities, actual needs and organizational structure of the department and upon the GTA percentage decided by the Educational Affairs Sector as follows:
1. Taking into consideration the general ranking of the student upon graduation
2. The Academy offers complete Masters scholarships for GTAs.
3. The Master’s degree should be completed in a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years. The GTA pays for a fifth year if needed.
4. The MA scholarship covers the following:
(a complete exemption from registration fees, health insurance, a monthly stipend, annual/casual holidays).
5. GTAs are ed in July of every academic year from the September and February batches according to the following conditions:
- The GTA’s GPA is not to be less than an Excellent with an Honour Degree (at least 3.4) 
- He/She should not have repeated more than two courses during his/her study period, with the aim of improving his/her grades, regardless of what his/her GPA is.
- He/She has to be ready to adopt the specialization of the Master’s degree that abides by the department council’s needs and approval. Thus, the choice of the specialization is not left up to him/her.
- GTAs are not to be nominated from candidates who belong to universities, other than the Academy, except in the in case of the unavailability of graduates of the Academy, who have the required specialty. This takes place on the condition that the related department is in a real need of such a specialization the choice of candidates in this case is based on the same regulations mentioned above.

Second: Performance Assessment Criteria for GTAs
GTAs performance is evaluated based on the following seven criteria:
- Teaching activities    
- Academic activities and completion of MA degree
- Membership in specialized administrative committees
- Participation in students’ activities
- Evaluating academic adviser’s performance
- Students’ questionnaires results
- Personal traits
The GTAs annual performance report includes details of the abovementioned criteria (See Appendix 1). 

Third: Steps Required to Complete Annual Evaluation
1. Every year, at the beginning of September:
- The GTA completes and submits the annual performance report   
- Professors and heads of departments responsible for GTAs schedules complete the GTAs annual performance report
- The college dean approves of the report after its completion
- The college of the dean sends a copy of the GTAs annual performance (last page of the report) to both the Educational sector and the Human Resources administration.
2. The head of the department informs the GTA of the results of the annual performance pointing out any weaknesses, if found, and the GTA signs on being notified.
3. The GTAs appointment is terminated in case of:  
- Obtaining less than 80% in annual performance reports for all years of appointment
- Not completing the Master’s degree requirements in a maximum of five years.
4. The GTAs objection of the results of the annual performance report, the issue is referred to the concerned dean followed by the Assistant General Manager for Educational Affairs.

Selection of the best calibers for the post of “Assistant Lecturer” to become an academic staff member at the Academy is based on the annual performance reports of those who have successfully completed the requirements and on the decision of the committee consisting of the Vice Dean of Educational Affairs and the dean of the college.